Nothing is more sacred to us than YOUR safety.

GPS, radio frequency and WiFi signals used.

Nothing is more important than your loved ones. Which is why you want to keep them safe. BüddyGuard, state-of-the-art panic button including our easy to use app, provide unmatched tracking, response and assistance when you have an emergency. We send out an armed response or medical response team or even an ambulance if you need it. Without any extra cost.

Who can benefit from the BüddyGuard?

Do you have an elderly parent? A child that uses school transport? A teenager that likes to visit the mall? BüddyGuard will assist you to keep an eye on them.The app allows you, once the initial permission is obtained, to determine the location of those you have added to your “Follow others” circle. Affordable and necessary.

BüddyGuard App


Device report

Sends a regular heartbeat to our control-centre in order to notify you in advance if anything is wrong with the device.

Device compatibility

The app allows you to determine the location of those you have added and allows those close to you, to be notified of your location in case of an emergency.

GPS/ Wi-Fi network signals

Provides the benefit of being able to determine your location inside a building or between high-rise buildings, where GPS often fails.

Fast response

We don’t rely on one security company but rather deploy an armed response or medical team that is closest to you and is part of a network of service providers.

South Africa’s most technologically advanced personal safety provider

South African crime statistics are on the rise adding more to your worries.

BüddyGuard is ideal for rideshare drivers, children, senior citizens, shift workers, emergency service workers and people with special needs. You are now able to have each member of your family protected with the simplicity of BüddyGuard.


What are you waiting for...?

Our medical and armed response teams provide the best response times in the country. A traditional response team would first have to phone to determine your location, whereas we provide automated location information directly to the control centre with the first signal received from your device.

Buddy-Guard - Security APP

Fastest armed & medical response in South Africa


Buddy-Guard - Security APP

Instant automated emergency location

Buddy-Guard - Security APP

Extended medical benefits for your whole family

Buddy-Guard - Security APP

Simply hold down the panic button for instant alerts

Buddy-Guard - Security APP

Forgot to charge, no worries 2-year battery life