Congratulations on joining the BüddyGuard family.

We’re honoured to be trusted with your safety. Please follow the steps below to activate and link your panic button to the BüddyGuard app.
For any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

KINDLY NOTE: You will need to have your activation key ready to be able to access
the app. This key is sent to you via SMS.

Activating your BüddyGuard panic app:

Step one: Download the BüddyGuard app:
You will need to download the BüddyGuard app from either the Google or Apple play stores.
Access the app links below:


Step two: How to link your BüddyGuard panic button to your app?
A: Open the BüddyGuard app.
B: Use your activation key to enter the app from the login page using the
‘Register with BüddyGuard’ button.
C: Navigate to the BüddyGuard panic button page within the app menu and click on the
+ (add) button to link your panic button.
D: You can either scan the QR code found on the back of the device or enter the last
6 digits of the bar code where requested.

NOTE: You are linking your own device to your app.

Step three: Activate your BüddyGuard panic button:
Your BüddyGuard device needs to be activated with our emergency control center. Please follow the instructions below:

Press and hold the BüddyGuard panic button for 20 seconds. The LED lights on
the device will flash blue, green, blue, green to show that activation is in process.

You will receive a push notification to confirm when your panic button is activated. If you don’t receive
activation confirmation, please kindly email us with your ID number to or call us
on 086 1111 079.

How to utilise your BüddyGuard panic button when in an emergency?

  • Security alert request: Hold the button down until it flashes BLUE. Then release (approximately 5 seconds).
  • Medical alert request: Hold the button down until it flashes RED. Then release (approximately 10 seconds).
  • To cancel a panic request: Hold the button until it flashes GREEN. Then release (approximately 10 seconds).
  • Finding GPS: Should the panic button flash PURPLE, it is busy locating an accurate GPS location.