24/7 peace of
mind directly
from your phone


Enjoy 24/7 peace of mind directly from your phone with BüddyGuard emergency services.

BüddyGuard emergency services, available through our app, use smart technology combined with accurate GPS location to instantly connect you to your closest professional response team, from a nationwide network. Simultaneously, BüddyGuard will notify your circle of an emergency instantly.
We also offer a feature where you can add a variety of people to your circle to receive panic text messages. Quick communication and fast response when you need it most.
BüddyGuard emergency services boast being linked to a growing network of professional security and medical companies, making sure that you’re never too far from help. Convenient, affordable and necessary- with BüddyGuard emergency services, we make sure your loved ones receive help when you can’t.
Don’t wait for an emergency to happen, get BüddyGuard emergency services today.

NOTE: We encourage you to add loved ones to your SMS notification tab as well for increased communication.

What makes the BüddyGuard app different?

Using innovative technology the BüddyGuard app enables you to add multiple members to your protecting circle. Should members in your circle activate their BüddyGuard panic button or panic app, you will immediately receive a notification and will be able to monitor the incident directly from your phone. You will be able to see where our response and medical teams are in relation to your loved one. Should your loved one’s phone be stolen, we will be able to track them from their last GPS location. All easily monitored and managed from your phone.

Watch the video below to see how to easily sign up for the complete BüddyGuard Armed and Medical response service