As a Büddy, you have full access to a growing network of armed response teams, included in our monthly emergency services.


We make use of a growing national network of response teams to attend to your emergency quickly. No call centre delays and no middlemen mean that we can locate the closest response team, to assist you immediately. We’re proud of our constantly growing national network of response teams, making sure that you are covered when you need us most. 

Have a look to see if the BüddyGuard response network covers your area already by checking out the coverage map. The purple and light blue/grey areas indicate where there is coverage. If we do not cover it yet, please submit a request for us to review how soon we would be able to do so.

How does it work?

Once the BüddyGuard panic button is activated (via the BüddyGuard app or panic device), our technology autonomously mobilises the closest response vehicles via an in-vehicle responder device. The accepting responder is directed via GPS to the exact location of the person in need, which eliminates the need for a call centre, thereby reducing the time it takes to get help. Once the emergency has been responded to, details are recorded and synched with our control centre.

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