FAQ - BuddyGuard

The BüddyGuard app:

The BüddyGuard panic app uses smart technology combined with accurate GPS location to
instantly connect you to the closest response team from a nationwide network. Simultaneously,
the BüddyGuard app will notify your circle of friends or family, ideal for parents to know
instantly when children need help.

Navigate through the app using the following page explanations to help:

-To link your panic button to your app, click on the ‘BüddyGuard Panic device’ tab.
-To link loved ones to your app, click on the ‘Add to my circle’ tab.
-Make sure information have been updated in the ‘My information’ tab.
-Want to know more about our panic buttons? Click on the ‘Buy panic button’ tab for more
information and to purchase.
-We encourage you to read the ‘How To’ tab for an overview of which actions to take, should
you or your loves ones be in an emergency.
Watch how to easily sign up and register for the complete BuddyGuard Armed and Medical response emergency response solution.

We have partnered with national delivery networks to ensure fast and secure delivery of your panic
button. On the ORDER page of the website, during the payment process you will need to select one of
two dates to have your panic button delivered. You will receive an SMS when your package has been
collected and when it’s on the way to you. You can also track the delivery live! Should you have any
delivery questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on info@buddyguard.co.za.

Your activation key was sent via SMS and email to make sure it’s easily accessible. Should you require a
new activation key, simply email us with your ID number to info@buddyguard.co.za and we will assist.

To link the BüddyGuard panic button to your app, you can either:
1) Enter the last 6 digits of the code found on the back of the panic button or
2) Scan the QR code found on the back of your panic button.
*Please note that you are linking your own panic button to the app. To delete the panic button simply
swipe left. *

Once the device or app has been paid for you will receive an SMS with an activation key. Once you have
downloaded the app, use your code to access the app.

This is an important step, where you link family members to your app for emergency tracking purposes.
Click on the + button in the ‘Add to my circle page’ on each tab:
-Head to the “Follow me” tab below to grant access for others to be able to follow you.
Click the + and share your OTP with loved ones to track you,
Make use of the “Follow others” tab below to be able to follow others.
Click + and input the OTP password shared with you. They must also download
the app to use this functionality. Head to the “SMS alerts” tab below to add a variety of
people who will receive SMS communication should there be an emergency.
They do not need the app to be notified. Click + and add relevant details.

NOTE: We encourage you to add loved ones to your SMS notification tab as well for
increased communication.

Yes, you will need to keep your location on so our team can track and monitor you should there be an

Please email our team at info@buddyguard.co.za or give us a call on 086 1111 079 for assistance- we’re
here to help.

The BüddyGuard panic button:

No need to insert a sim card

  • No data required.
  •  No need to charge the device.
  •  Uses GPS, Wifi signals as well as radiofrequency to determine your location.
  •  Superior response services, linked to the nearest armed and medical response.
  •  The elite BüddyGuard panic button is a compact device, the size of a garage remote control.
  •  Uses radio frequency transmission in the event of limited cellphone reception or theft.
  •  Boasts a Li-SOCL battery guaranteed for 1 year.
  •  Multiple LED device feedback.
  •  Where competitors are linked to SAPS or estate security teams, BüddyGuard is connected to a
    growing national network- meaning that we send the closest team to you during an emergency.

You are required to download the BüddyGuard app which links to your panic button for tracking and
communication purposes. Simply go to the ‘BüddyGuard panic button’ page within the app and click the
+ button to link your panic button.

The BüddyGuard panic button is connected to a growing national and global network for reliable, secure
and fast signal transmission when it matters most. This means you are not dependent on one security
response company, but rather, the nearest response vehicle from any security company is dispatched. It
also boasts a Li-SOCL battery guaranteed for 1 years and uses radio frequency transmission in the event
of limited cellphone reception or theft. The BüddyGuard panic button is technologically advanced, which
separates it from competitors and is ready to give you added peace of mind.
Watch our helpful ‘How to’ video below to understand how our high tech emergency device works.

GPS technology will alert the response teams to your exact location. If your device or phone has been
stolen or damaged, we will be able to go to the last GPS location that was active.

It’s important to remember the panic button request timing as stated below. Should you require
emergency assistance please follow the following steps to request the right help:
-Response alert request: Hold the button down for 0 – 5 seconds. The button will flash BLUE.
-Medical alert request: Hold the button down for 5 – 10 seconds. The button will flash RED.
-To cancel a panic request: Hold the button for 10+ seconds. The button will flash GREEN.

The BüddyGuard device has a 1-year warranty. Should the battery fail within the first year (warranty
period) it will be replaced. Contact us at info@buddyguard.co.za or give us a call on 086 1111 079 for
further assistance.

The device functions without the app but the app is needed for the initial registration and activation.
The benefits of linking the device with the app includes the benefit for your family to track any incident,
as well as receive crucial information during a crisis.

SF RF power: 14dBm (25mW)
SF RF sensitivity: up to –127dBM
GPS Sensitivity Tracking: -158 dBm
GPS Sensitivity Navigation: -157 dBm
SIGFOX network protocol
Transmission cycles:
2, 50, 100 or 140 frames per day
Data encryption: AES128 (Optional)
Battery end of life
Over Temperature
Fall/Crash Detection
Temperature Sensor

You can either pay via the BüddyGuard website at https://www.buddyguard.co.za/order/, or on the
ORDER page within your app. We have also partnered with the Mobicred payment platform, offering
you simple payment options, should you be interested. Need more information? Simply email us at
info@BuddyGuard.co.za or call us on 086 1111 079.

The BüddyGuard panic button can easily be worn using a lanyard or keyring. It can also fit easily into a
handbag or keep it accessible in your car while driving for quick and easy access.

Yes. Without Google Services, GPS is not effective.